happy birthday abbey road

Sep 26, 2019

50 years ago today a group of young men released their final say as a group. the album was abbey road. it's almost frustrating how good it was and still is. these fine young men changed the world significantly in a span of seven years. it's fair to claim that they advanced music more in those seven years than we have in the 50 years since. brother jon has had the pleasure of traveling to london twice in his life. it goes to say that brother jon has twice visited the mecca of beatles recordings and walked the famed crosswalk of abbey road. to commemorate the anniversary there is a new remixed version of the album like that which was done with sgt. pepper's and the white album. we highly recommend.

friday, september 13th, 2002

Sep 13, 2019

17 years ago our band spooncat! played a pretty amazing show at poppadox pub here in sioux falls commemorating the end of our initial run. we recorded it and eventually released it as our third album "live animals". it is available as a high quality download on this site and holidayjam.com. take a stroll down memory land with us. enjoy.

a change is gonna come

Sep 12, 2019

i guess we just thought we'd try something. you may love it. you may not like it at all. just give it a try and feel free to comment. we'll see if it sticks.