our fun Spooncat! album from 20 years ago got a bit of a facelift with a remaster. it is available on iTunes and most digital music stores.

...so is our new holiday jam album titled Divergence.

I guess that's a bit of what we've been up to. both are fine albums that we highly encourage you checking out.

ticket sales for our pavilion holiday jam show will be on sale on Friday, September 25th at 9:30 a.m. the date of that show is Saturday, December 19th. due to obvious conditions this will be our only public performance in Sioux Falls.

the hegg brothers

Upcoming Dates

Oct 1 2020
Hegg Bros duo @ The Platz
Vermillion, South Dakota
Oct 3 2020
Hegg Bros. duo - Private Event
Sioux Falls - Hotel on Phillips, South Dakota
Nov 14 2020
Hegg Bros. duo - Private Event
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Nov 28 2020
Hegg Bros. & Friends @ R Wine Bar
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Dec 9 2020
Hegg Brothers Band - Private Event
Sioux Falls - MCC, South Dakota

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Latest News

the hounds of spring

Mar 18 2020

well, i'm guessing we won't be performing for a while until the current crisis winds down. stay safe. listen to credible advice. as we see this gargantuan domino effect unfold around us please don't stubbornly dismiss precaution because you don't think it will affect you. it definitely will affect others, which should be reason enough to avoid such behavior. and most likely it will in some way come back and affect you. that's sort of how stuff like this works. we're all in this together. it's time for everyone to show each other their best and not their super bowl sunday madness.

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