outside of the upcoming holiday jam tour we have a few fun announcements. our band spooncat! has released a remastered version of "live animals", our live album from 2002 which captured a magical night. it sounds fantastic. along with our holiday jam albums it can be found at holidayjam.com. all downloads there are higher quality than most sites. as of now that is the only place you can find that album.

also, we and our crazy group of talented friends will be performing at Icon Lounge on november 30th. frankly, we don't quite know what's going to happen which may make it amazing.

and don't forget we'll be at the retreat at pointer's ridge for an "open rehearsal" on tuesday, december 4th. sometimes it's fun to see how a large group puts things together. check our our schedule here or go to holidayjam.com and you should find the information you need. many thanks,

the hegg brothers