many thanks to all who made it out to arlie's all-stars' bash for cash. the event raised a lot of money for a good cause and we hegg brothers got to play along with people our father played with back in the 60's. a bit surreal in a good way. now on to S!. yes spooncat! will be actually playing a bar gig in sioux falls. we're at the thirsty duck on saturday, april 21st, starting around 9:00 and playing until they kick us out. so, you know, like 9:45 or so. should be a night of great fun with all of the original members. we can't do it without all of us. so come on out. if it seems like we have a reason to try and do this more often we surely will. we hope to see you there. and no, we don't play piano man! (but we all still look like this)

the hegg brothers